The Shape of Your Head

by Mono No Aware

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Digital live recording by Aidan O'Reilly at the Oscar Peterson Concert Hall 11/02/16
Strat with a tuner, singing, two bass overdubs (Dumb and Pata) and synth dub (Pata) by Spencer Curtis
Drums, overdub recording at PN, extra vox on Delirium, mixing and mastering by Josef McGuigan
Starcaster thru Bassmaster with Plush Drive and DS1 by Laura Donohue
Art by Jono Currier
Written in '14, downtown and in Parc Ex
Thanks MLC


released March 30, 2016




all rights reserved


Mono No Aware Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: Interparents
Wonder if they're all the same, wait too long, it's gone

It starts to hurt

“Time” is ambiguous. You mark it every day, and you are aware of its structure.

Wearing my night shirt
Am I dumb yet?

Situating science in (the) soul; you're wrong, I'm not right(eous)

It starts to hurt a lot

It isn't about what makes you happy and feel no shame
Narrowing down expended days I failed to grasp
A new day (easily begun)
Track Name: Delirium
Feels good to be thorough
Long wait, I think I'm too late
Too delirious to see
No wonder I had strange dreams
Beat my head into the wall
Invoke the incantation

You can't explain

I saw the shape of your head
You should tell her before she finds out
Track Name: Get Dumb
I don't give a fuck about conspiracies
It rings so untrue when you go underground

Let's take a walk
Let's sit and talk
You change your heart
Love this weather

Own where you stand
I can't disprove

You should get dumb
I can't dis(ap)prove
Track Name: Polski Ogórki
Brine and object in a jar
The fruit of labours past
A strange taste to remember
Inconspicuous consumption

Undivided, perpetual musk

Visiting Charlie in wax and flesh
Memory, abstract conception
On the esplanade (again)
My presence deflects attention

Creature of another time
Track Name: Pataphysics of the Unconscious
6:08 on a Wednesday
Chud crane marks a tragedy, scars still visible
A tribe of nomadic urbanites
Fire written backwards, plaid denoting academia
Colour coordination
Moving in sympathy to a boy with a tick
Yeah, I'm ecstatic

No one knows it, I can hide it
Fuck that bullshit, they'll never find it

Given to obsession
Purge by repetition
Until it(')s resentment
You've changed and I like it